European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) – Your way to Cluster Excellence

The European Cluster Excellence Initiative comes to a successful end. Its outcomes will be of continued support to cluster managers in Europe managed and maintained by the following entities:

  • European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA): It is the one-stop-shop for labelling of cluster organisations (
  • Foundation Clusters and Competitiveness: Offers Courses for Trainers of Cluster Management Excellence based on the ECEI curriculum and administrates the ECEI training materials (
  • European Cluster Group e.V. (ECG): The ECG is the sustainable structure for the future of the European Cluster Managers’ Club and the European Cluster Collaboration Platform with strong cooperation links to the TCI Network (

Download the Information Brochure on the ECEI Exit Strategies here.


10.03.2014: Call for Expression of Interest: Training in Field Project Tutoring -

Register of Foundation Tutors – March 2014

Call for Expression of Interest:Training in specific modules and inclusion in the Register of Foundation Instructors.

European Foundation for Cluster Excellence

31.08.2012: The European Cluster Excellence Initiative comes to a successful end

Outcomes will be of continued support to cluster managers in Europe

Call for Expression of Interest for inclusion in the register of Foundation Instructors

Deadline: 17:00 (CET) Friday 24 August 2012

European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) publishes paper about “The quality label for cluster organisations”

Find out everything about the European Cluster Management Excellence Label GOLD

03.07.2012: Baden-Württemberg launches Cluster Excellence Quality Label

First region in Europe to apply the ECEI criteria and assessment process

Join the STRESS TEST of innovation policy of the EU member states

Register for the Europe INNOVA 2012 Conference in Copenhagen 23-24 October. For more information on the conference, visit

Capacity Development for Cluster Managers Project (CDCM PROJECT)

The overall objective of Capacity Development for Cluster Managers Project (CDCM) is to contribute to the improvement of cluster management in Europe by promoting and developing world-class clusters in Europe which is one of the...

26.04.2012: SEE Policy Experts pursue Cluster Benchmarking Training in Bucharest

SEENECO kicks-off the series of Cluster Excellence trainings

19.4.2012: Micael Gustafsson is “European Cluster Manager of the Year 2012”

The Award honors cluster managers in Europe for outstanding success stories and was open to every cluster manager in Europe to apply.

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IESE Business School
Clusterland Oberösterreich
MFG Baden-Württemberg
CDIF - France Clusters
University of Southern Denmark
RegX – The Danish Cluster Academy
Baltic Innovation Agency
Croation Employers' Association
Generalitat de Catalunya
Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists
Innovation Norway